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“Hats+Rabbits always work tirelessly and around the clock to ensure optimum creative execution. Our #HomeGroundAdvantage campaign was a great success.”

Zintsika Tashe Brand Manager, SA Rugby

The opportunity:
Rally a nation behind the Springboks for the World Cup in a way that inspires three key audiences; the fans, the sponsors, and the players.

Every four years the South African market is flooded with brand noise as the rugby world prepares to battle it out for the Webb Ellis trophy. The cacophony is similar to the sound achieved by every instrument in an orchestra simultaneously playing as loud as it possibly can. What if we were able to create an idea so compelling that we could harmonise all those energies behind the team?

The insight:
Rugby’s unique and powerful place in South Africa’s history delivers a unique and powerful passion in the South African fans.

Nelson Mandela used rugby to heal a deeply divided South Africa back in 1995. There was hardly a dry eye in the stadium when Madiba stepped onto the field before the World Cup final. In his Springbok jersey, bearing Francois Pienaar’s number 6, he raised his fist and smiled warmly as the entire stadium chanted “Nelson… Nelson…”. Two hours later, against all odds a nation started healing, and South African had won the Rugby World Cup.

The idea:
Knowing that tens of millions of South African fans are behind them, gives the Springboks “Home Ground Advantage – Anywhere in the world”.

Enough said.

The execution:
Fans were given the opportunity to be the face of Home Ground Advantage, and get behind the team. Literally. With their selfie on a player’s jersey number.

The campaign rolled out as a fully integrated campaign across TV, radio, print, and online. It was picked up by morning talk shows, blogs and even made the front page of the Cape Argus newspaper. Fans were able to buy their place (directly online at HomeGroundAdvantage.co.za), or win their place (through newspaper or radio), or earn their place (through various partner/sponsor activations).

The result:
Stoked fans. Delighted sponsors. Motivated players.

Fans had never been closer to the team. The sponsors were able to ‘dove tail’ campaign efforts into a whole that was greater than the sum of the individual parts. And the players were able to run out onto the field, quite literally carrying the hopes of a nation with them. The clients were very happy too. Not only had they achieved acres of media coverage, but they earned back every cent they had spent with Hats+Rabbits before the Rugby World Cup had even begun.


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