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“Razor sharp creativity. And fantastic team players who all have an infectious enthusiasm. H+R have been central to our growth and success in the South African market.”

Johan Scholtz Senior Brand Activation and CTC Manager, Reebok

The opportunity:
Re-awaken a sleeping giant of a brand in South Africa.

By 2015, Reebok had been relegated to the discount bins of South African factory shops. It had had lost its aura. People felt that this once respected fitness authority had abandoned them for greener pastures.
In 2016, we were appointed South African creative agency of record to help turn that situation around.

The insight:
We are the best versions of ourselves when we exercise. If we were all to be the best versions of ourselves, we could change the world.

Physically, mentally, spiritually. “Be More Human” is Reebok’s new positioning being shared world wide.

The responsibility:
Harmonise the brand across all touch points, creating a compelling and coherent narrative.

Social media, events, activations, influencers, ambassadors, the works. We’ve partnered with our clients to shape the South African Reebok look and feel, and ‘tune’ the voice of the brand.

The execution:
Here’s a ‘coach’s view’ of the game plan:

Facebook is the center of gravity of our consumer engagement – tips, tricks, advice, stories, recipes, etc. A strong visual presence along with deeper, rewarding content is what keeps fans coming back for more.

Instagram is a far more visual, yet equally compelling narrative. Naturally, feel free to shop the look. Link in bio.
is the news room of the brand. As we activate at events, get stuck in on race days, or any live activation, Twitter is the primary megaphone of choice to share the action with the world.

Ambassadors & Influencers: Word of mouth will always be the most powerful form of advertising. We make sure that the right people, in the right places, at the right time, join the conversation, and get involved.

Events & Activations: We see every live activation is an opportunity for Reebok to add value to that experience. Whether it’s a party, a pop-up shop or a fresh-pressed juice bar.

Product: The sum of all our efforts mean very little if we aren’t moving product. By using all of the touchpoints above, we make it simple for followers to know what is on offer, how much it is, and where to find them. Streamlining the consumer journey to boosting Reebok’s bottom line.

The result:
Reebok is well and truly back in South Africa.

Not only do our fans, new and old, know that Reebok is here to stay, but they can’t wait to hear what we’re up to next.



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